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I. Đề bài

II. Cấu trúc ngữ pháp

Representation of women is better lower down the hierarchy, with nearly one in three full-time university lecturers in the biosciences being women, and more than one in six in chemistry

By working with universities on staff development, mentoring and networking schemes for women, Athena is helping to embed best practice in science departments.

The scheme is open to both men and women, but its support for flexible working and built-in mentoring means it has proved particularly popular among women, with all but one of the current 47 posts filled by female researchers.

We must target help on groups excluded from mainstream society, who often face the greatest deprivation.

Academic analysis shows that the investment in public services since 1997, as well as tax and benefit changes, has provided the greatest help to those with low incomes.

New programmes have concentrated on addressing the root causes of social exclusion in poverty and unemployment, on the importance of the early years in widening opportunities, and the need to strengthen disadvantaged communities and neighbourhoods.

Bangladeshi and Pakistani households are still three times more likely to be stuck on loss incomes. Though unemployment has fallen to record lows, new SEU research finds people living in the most deprived streets are 23 times more likely to be jobless than in the most affluent streets.

But their plans for a 5% cut in investment in housing and regeneration, Sure Start, and abolishing the New Deal would do just as much damage.

But they still stand a much lower chance of getting good qualifications, high-paid work, or even living to the age of 80, than those growing up in a leafy Surrey suburb.

If we are to achieve social justice in the next generation, we have to tackle inequality as well as exclusion.

Brendan Gormley on why aid agencies must raise money to prevent humanitarian emergencies, not just respond to them.

It is a dilemma of humanitarian aid that high-profile emergencies tend to receive more aid than those situations where people suffer far from the media spotlight.

Little attention and resource is given to prevention and mitigation, yet we know this is the most cost-effective way of dealing with disasters.

It is a constant struggle, for, sadly, the world has learned to tolerate — in large parts of Africa especially — very high levels of chronic malnutrition and collapsed services, where small climatic shocks or poor policies can have dramatic effects on the lives of the poor.

The DEC sets itself high standards, based on adherence to a set of principles and codes of best practice, collective action, accountability both to beneficiary and donor and investment in lesson learning. And it is the latter that is perhaps the most essential.

The independent evaluators concluded that the appeal was justified, that lives were prolonged and suffering averted.

Less widely acknowledged are the controversial implications of this spread, especially in terms of the Englishes that have resulted from it.

Nowhere is this more stark than in the creation of drugs to treat fatal diseases.

. Last year, 69 respected scientists and economists wrote to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, a UN agency, asking that alternatives such as collaborative open models be considered.

The specifications are mind-numbing, but it seems the children can take them, for the letters article reads very similarly: boys boasting about the bore of their guns.

Disney may yet find just such a person to succeed Mr. Eisner.

The expected $100 billion cost of war against Iraq would therefore be enough to avert around 30m premature deaths from disease, if channelled into a sustained and organised partnership with the poor countries

Finally, careers involve what Schein terms radial movement - shifts toward or away from the inner circle of management in an organization, the base of power.

The nomenclature itself creates the illusion of a geographical entity, that the person sitting before the computer is travelling when in fact the “site” is coming to him.

Although beneficial, unfortunately the practice is going out of fashion partly because of current emphasis on the use of fresh foods, particularly for children.

It is surprising, given the current homogeneity of the two major parties, that less attention than elsewhere in Europe is paid to the smaller political parties such as the Greens and the Liberal Democrats.

Moreover, when it comes to casting a vote, history shows that the British public tends to resist change and, thus, the status quo is maintained.

This depends upon the interplay between, on the one hand, competition between interests involved in the provision of such objects and, on the other hand, changing class, gender, and generational distinctions of taste within the potential population of visitors.

The role of the professional, therefore, is to cater for the needs and tastes of the tourists in accordance with their class and overall expectations

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