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Bài tập cấu trúc "dạng Short Answer"IELTS READING

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Bên cạnh Hướng dẫn đề thi IELTS 21/11/2020 bài WRITING TASK 1 (map) về school library (kèm bài sửa cho HS đi thi), IELTS TUTOR hướng dẫn Bài tập cấu trúc "dạng Short Answer"IELTS READING

  1. Entrepreneurs often work extremely long hours, not just during 'trading' hours, but also after hours doing all the associated paperwork. 
  2. If an entrepreneur becomes over tired and over anxious, they can undermine their businesses by giving the impression that things are bad and the business is just about to close down.
  3. These networks provide training and access to experienced business mentors for little or no charge.
  4. Entrepreneurs need to decide whether they want to keep their business small - so that they retain control of all decisions - or whether they want to go on growing their business and therefore accept that this will necessarily change their role in the business.
  5. The object was to twist the layers of small cubes so that each side of the large cube was an identical colour.
  6. There's evidence, for instance, that children don't usually begin speaking in two-word sentences until they’ve learned a certain number of single words.
  7. Many of them no longer hear their birth language after they arrive, and they must learn English more or less the same way infants do - that is, by listening and by trial and error.
  8. The adoptees then went through the same stages as typical American- born children, albeit at a faster clip
  9. The adoptees and native children started combining words in sentences when their vocabulary reached the same sizes, further suggesting that what matters is not how old you are or how mature your brain is, but the number of words you know.
  10. This finding - that having more mature brains did not help the adoptees avoid the toddler-talk stage - suggests that babies speak in babytalk not because they have baby brains, but because they have only just started learning and need time to gain enough vocabulary to be able to expand their conversations.
  11. Rather, it may simply come down to the challenge of having to make predictions from color words to the objects they refer to, instead of being able to make predictions from the world of objects to the color words.
  12. This research suggests that after sleep, you’re better able to pick out the incorrect parts of that memory
  13. Given the work we’ve done, it’s possible that sleep may actually help them to reject this false information
  14. In theory, a 90,600 square kilometre chunk of the Sahara - smaller than Portugal and a little over 1% of its total area - could yield the same amount of electricity as all the world’s power plants combined
  15. Waste water would then supply irrigation to areas around the stations, creating lush oases - hence the ’forest’ in the group’s name.
  16. producing Significant quantities of electricity means building huge arrays of mirrors and pipes across hundreds of miles of remote desert, which is expensive
  17. It’s a lot cheaper to burn coal than to make solar power in the Sahara.’
  18. Nicholas Dunlop, secretary-general of the London-based NGO e-Parliament, thinks companies should begin transmitting small amounts of solar power as soon as the North African plants begin operating, by linking a few cable lines under the Med
  19. For example, if you only want a rough outline of an issue, then you can skim the material quickly and extract the key facts.
  20. Only rarely will the reader’s eyes skip back to a previous block of words.
  21. He or she will skip back often, losing the flow and structure of the text, and muddling their overall understanding of the subject. 
  22. . It is not clear, however, whether poverty causes mental illness, or whether it is the other way around
  23. Thus, the idea of people being 'obese' is physically related to large amounts of processed food, together with lack of exercise, and is therefore a medical issue. 
  24. Dr Huberman has also helped uncover several laws of web surfing, including the number of times an average person will go from web page to web page on a given site before giving up, and the details of the 'winner takes all' phenomenon, whereby a few sites on a given subject attract most of the attention, and the rest get very little.

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